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November 22nd, 2020 by Leah Grange
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Photography is an itch that won’t go away. No matter how much you scratch it.”

I took the plunge, you may have seen on socials and if you’re cool enough you may already follow my new photography page on insta 😏
For months now I’ve been planning and plotting with what I will do once I left veterinary nursing. Along with 100 other ideas, making use of my photography experiences was high up on the list.

About three or four years ago I fell in love with taking pictures, capturing moments others maybe couldn’t see and sharing these with anyone who would look. I would like to say I was lucky to get some of the experiences I had. What came along with those definitely doesn’t fall under the category but I have however taken pictures of some of the best riders in the world at some of the biggest horse shows and for that I am grateful. Im lucky to have done portraits of friends, family, animals, produced media content and so much more. So why shouldn’t I try and make something out of my passion? You’re right, I should.

Louises photoshoot

As a photographer my aims to show the natural. To a degree all pictures need editing. Light may not be right and a little bit off, warmth and contrast added but I want people to feel totally at ease with me behind the camera. I want them to know i’m not going to slim down their faces, open their eyes, change the whole colour of their hair and make them unrecognisable in an image. I want them relaxed and smiling. Louise provided me with all these things she was perfect.

Louise is a female gamekeeper and needed some pictures captured for an exciting project she has coming up as well as some personal branding shots for social media. If you’re interested in the countryside and what goes into being a female keeper Louises account is definitely one to follow. You can find her on Instagram @gamekeeperess_ . Il let the pictures do the talking.

@gamekeeperess_ at work || Leah Grange photography
Louise at work
Louise Looking gorgeous in a country fashion outfit. Leah Grange Photography
Self Branding Shoot for @gamekeeperess_ || Leah Grange Photography
Self branding picture for @gamekeeperess_ || Leah Grange Photography

I hope you like them, this week is website updates, Christmas photos and always at that grind for me. starting something new is exciting and nerve wracking all in equal measures. So thank you all for your support so far.

Leah and Cols ❤️ x

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