A full MOT

February 22nd, 2020 by Leah Grange
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Okay so this should have been a review of my goals blog post but as with horses nothing is bloody certain and they always throw a spanner in the works. Because I’m super kind and loving (lol) it was important that Colin had a full MOT and meanings we were at the 10 week point I got all this arranged, he’s putting on weight nicely (something we have in common just I like cake too much) and is working really well when asked, he’s pretty much ready to “step it up” so MOT time arrived.

Physio with Claire

I’m walking around like a 100 year old lady with back pain, knee pain and a slight crick In my neck so of course the sensible thing to do was to get Colin a visit from Claire Ford an amazing veterinary physiotherapist, which the ungrateful little bugger pretty much hated! He’s lacking muscle as we all know and some people may say this was a waste of time and money but I wanted to be sure. Claire had two lovely students with her for our appointment who did a great job at dodging teeth and legs throughout the treatment (Colins teeth and legs). We’ve not seen any nasty side of him until now, if I’m honest I didn’t know he had it in him, now obviously if he had hurt someone I wouldn’t have found it so endearing that in fact he does have a personality and isn’t made of stone. Claire’s assessment was quick and unremarkable, he had some tightening through his right shoulder, which went well with not wanting to bend left and some lumbar area tightness so they were both treated and I was given some stretches to do with him at home whilst he’s still building his body up. I was so happy, I’ve been so worried I’ve been asking too much of him but physically he seems to be doing well …. then came the vet visit for teeth.

Physio day, bending makes his ribs stick out 😩

A bit Long in the tooth … or not.

Thursday was dental check, now I hate the dentist myself and I cringe at being involved in any dental work at my job dogs, cats or horses but for your own you have to be brave right? I mean the vet wasn’t going to stick the mirror in my mouth so there was no need to cry about it. Working where I work I’m in a very privileged position, I’m friends with the vets and my clinical knowledge is pretty good I think, it also makes you a complete paranoid mental horse owner, I see too much, anything that comes into the hospital I instantly start looking for signs in my own horses, completely ridiculous I know and I am completely bat crazy …. BUT NOT THIS TIME. This time my gut was right, for a few days we have had thick white snot out of one nostril, typical of a sinus problem although it wasn’t smelly I stuck my nose in his numerous times and not even a tiny whiff. Colin has a slab fracture of his 109 tooth, which happens to be the first one that can communicate with his sinuses, whilst we don’t know the extent of this until he has antibiotic treatment and possibly some head x-rays there’s possibility he needs surgery to remove the tooth.
So there it is, my spanner in the works.

He wasn’t best thrilled with the dentist appointment.

My goals for now stand at:
💊 Nurse Colin back to full health
🐴 Kiss and cuddle him more (despite the snot)
🎩Keep dreaming of show days
🍔 Continue with the weight gain
☔️ Remain positive despite the weather

Until Next time, Leah and Colin x

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