Five things I’ve learnt about Colin this week

February 2nd, 2020 by Leah Grange
Timer 2 minute read

New relationships are hard, always trying to impress each other, getting to know each others quirks, what you like, what you don’t like and learning how you can both be great together …. I feel like I am constantly trying to impress Colin, I want him to think I’m funny, I want him to live being kissed, cuddles and scratched, I want him to feel safe with me and equally enjoy every second of his new life. We are constantly learning about each other so here’s a few things I’ve learnt about Colin this week …..

1.Food is life 🙌🏻
So they say like owner like horse, I feel yah Colin! My most used phrase in day to day life is definitely “I’m so hungry”. Colin is completely content as long as food is involved. This week he moved to a different but more permanent field on the yard, most horses would have a run around at least to show off to their pals right? Not this guy, two steps in and are for the whole day!

2. Everything is done at a slow pace

That’s right, Colins pace is one that resembles a slug! Now no offence to him but you can see why he was an unsuccessful race horse 😂 he walks around the yard at the slowest possible speed, no need to exert extra energy that can be used to find grass!

3. Needs confidence building

His life has changed in a massive way over the last few months and that’s scary to him. A crazy human is making him walk over piles on the floor, go in puddles and JUMP, that’s right JUMP, over logs in a field?? What kind of crazy is she? He’s going to need a lot of hand holding and telling him that he’s brilliant. That wouldn’t be me lieing because he’s pretty special 🥰

4. Stubborn but clever

He will refuse to do everything the first time, he’s stubborn, everything is going to jump up and bite him on the bottom didn’t you know? But he’s not naughty, nope he just plants himself like a stubborn little mule whilst I talk him around to accepting this is all fun, then he shows me that he can do everything, twice walking between some poles was enough to get him walking and trotting over them on the lunge like he’s been here before!

5. Secretly enjoys kisses

Okay so I’m not the only one who shows love to my animals by grabbing them on the face and forcing them to accept my kisses right? Well if you don’t, it works 😂 Collywoddle (his new pet name) actually came to me for a kiss. He quickly turned away acting all shy but I know that deep down he’s starting to love me …. and his new pal Bertie.

I’m so excited for all the new things I’m going to learn about him, some of these things may change but that’s part of the fun of it. I’ve gone from having a horse I knew from baby to until he was eight years old so starting an entire fresh is super scary but equally exciting.

Until Next Time Leah and Colin x