Equine Herpes Virus -1

January 12th, 2020 by Leah Grange
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What is Equine herpes Virus -1 (EHV -1)?

EHV – 1 is a name for neurological disease of Equine Herpes Virus that causes abortion, respiratory disease and neonatal death. Horses affected by the neurological strain are very difficult to treat affectively but can be given supportive care of anti inflammatory drugs and intravenous fluid therapy. The neurological form can cause horses to become completely paralysed and euthanasia is usually required.  

Clinical Signs

–       Lethargy

–       Ataxia (wobbly)

–       Lack of appetite

–       Elevated temperature

–       Leaning against thing for support

–       Recumbency (unable to get up)

–       Nasal discharge

What can you do?

Limit movement in horses.

Even if you aren’t in the direct area effected someone near you may have been. Not going for a hack or to a competition for just two weeks of lockdown isn’t going to kill you or your horse but contributing to the spread of EHV- 1 will kill horses. 

Take your horses temperature. 

Normal body temperature of a horse is between 37.2 – 38.3 degrees Celsius. 

Take your horses temperature at least once daily, if its over 38.5c then call your vet for advice immediately. 

Have good Biosecurity.

🚿 Foot Dips

🚿 Don’t let horses share equipment

🚿 If going between yards – change clothing, boots and get a good hand sanitizer.

🚿 Get ‘Hinching’ those stables and horseboxes between, before and after horses. 

🚿 Limit movement of horses

So come on now guys be sensible, does ‘Harry’ really need his tootle down the road this week? Oh and be nice to the nurses and equine admin assistants who are on the other end of the phone when you call your vets to get advice. 

2 replies on “Equine Herpes Virus -1”

Emma deans says:

Thanks for the advice 🙌🏻 We’re hoping to lift lock down next weekend 🤞🏻

Emma deans says:

Thanks for the advice 🙌🏻 We’re hoping to lift lock down next weekend 🤞🏻