January 11th, 2020 by Leah Grange
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Well, here it is. An official BLOG!
For my first blog post I thought some simple introductions to me and my fluffy squad, what we are about and what we plan on achieving.

So I’m Leah, I’m 29, pretty close to 30, but let’s not discuss that right now it will cause tears. I’m an Equine Veterinary Nurse by work hours and ex racehorse re-trainer and countryside explorer by spare time. I try to spend as much time as I possibly can outdoors, because as much as I love to be cuddled up on the sofa under a duvet eating chocolate, the outdoors is where I am happiest. I’m normally joined in one way or another by the two fluffy children that live in my house, Steven a 6yr old Labrador x Border Collie and Mimi a 10yr old Chihuahua.

Snowdon 2019 📸 Samuel Thompson

We do pretty much everything together, we run, holiday, explore and watch Love Island religiously.

For a while before starting this blog I have had an Instagram account that originally was started to document my journey with my “heart horse” Cow Pony or Leo as some of you will know him, the insta was called Training Cow Pony and I started to dip my feet into vlogging too. A year ago due to personal circumstance Cow Pony went to live with his new mum Sue in Peterborough and my heart broke a little bit but after some time to reflect it’s 100% been the right decision for both of us.

Cow Pony ❤️

And now brings us to present day, over the last year I’ve started to slowly sneak back into the wonderful world of social media, I’ve fallen more in love with the countryside than ever before and I have a new man in my life, Colin! Colin or Diamond Avalanche as he’s more formally known is a 6year old ex racehorse and if I’m honest I’m already a little bit smitten with him. It’s still very early days but he’s ready for life as a fun horse who dips his hooves into everything (except rivers).

Colin Christmas 2019 📸 Samuel Thompson

Aims for the Blog

🐴 Document my journey with Colin to measure progress.

🌲 Share my countryside adventures.

⁉️ Give advice and helpful information.

👨‍👩‍👧 Create a little blog family where anyone is welcome.

🌟 Have fun.

✍️ Fall back in love with writing.

📚 Help others fall back in love with reading.

So a short but sweet one to start, I can’t wait to show you all the exciting content I have planned throughout the year, I hope you all come along for the ride with me and my little squad.

Foxy Bean Cafe 2020

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2 replies on “Welcome”

Emma deans says:

Excited to follow the journey your on, Colin sounds like he’s going to be great fun

Emma deans says:

Excited to follow the journey your on, Colin sounds like he’s going to be great fun