2021 Money Saving Tips for Equestrians

January 21st, 2021 by Leah Grange
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AD | Harry Hall 2021 Ambassador and Dengie Horse Feeds supported rider.

Tell me you’re an equestrian without telling me that you’re an equestrian *Opens drain cover and pours all money down it*

Horses are expensive and just as you think you don’t have any outgoings for a while, your hay barn is stocked, your bedding has been delivered and well all shows are cancelled at the moment BOOM the vets bill lands on your doormat. So here’s my top money saving tips for 2021.

Let’s start with insurances

Insurance is probably the most expensive yet more valuable thing you would spend your money on. Not supplements, not feed, not fancy stirrups but insurance. Because when your walnut head horse has a fanny fit about a leaf out hacking, deposits you one the road and takes out three cyclists galloping back to the field you will need to call on your insurances. Public liability can be hugely missed.
The Harry Hall Gold member public liability insurance is only £40 a year or if you want to pay monthly £3.33 a month. Less than a Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte. Harry Hall also offer a very affordable vets fee’s cover for those emergency situations including colic cover.

We just love to shop, don’t we?

Okay, OWN UP! Who still makes a cheeky horse purchase despite your bank balance screaming for you not too? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I am so guilty of this, especially in this lockdown year awe have had, a little delivery for myself has been there highlight of my day. But how can we make this more cost effective? Step in Harry Hall. Along with your one club membership for insurance you get EXCLUSIVE one club discounts on the website. Making this shopping trips a littler less guilty.

Feeding the 5000

Or not really 😏 Feed can be a mine field and EXPENSIVE. By the time you’ve bought a chaff that Susan on Facebook recommends. Conditioning cubes you BELIEVE in. A beet feed because you like how it looks. A balancer you saw recommended by an insta influencer and 47 supplements that you’ve convinced yourself your horse needs it all ads up. So have you thought about a full fibre diet? Since switching to Dengie Horse feeds for Colins diet EVERYTHING he needs is in two simple bags of feed. Colin being a thoroughbred who was in quite poor condition is why we added the higher calorie Alfa-Beet to his meals. Less spent on multiple bags of feed and an easy meal making time.

Think it over for a week – Samuel Thompson 2020

This could be a controversial point but I think a valid one. I have had so many conversations with bloggers, content creators and aspiring influencers about buying things just for ‘The Gram’.
Some Quotes;
“Why don’t brands like me. I buy all their stuff to get them to notice me”

“Im skint but oh well”

“Beans on toast this week because I bought the ***** Jumper for insta”

So if you think you NEED that new pair of riding leggings or jumper after a whole week of thinking about it, then of course head to the Harry Hall website. Use your one club membership and shop away. From the 1st of Feb I will have a Code for you to use too 😏

Split the bill

Bulk buying can often work out cheaper. if you can find friend on your yard or local to you who uses the same bedding or feed try setting up a buddy system where you split the bill. That way you both benefit from there discount of ordering more saving more money.

I hope this was helpful to you all and that you’re all surviving 2021 with Lockdown 3.0. Thank you as always for reading.
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