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A Saturday well spent

April 26th, 2020 by Leah Grange
Timer 2 minute read

You know how it finishes, brings a week of content or a few days at least.
So yesterday after a really miserable morning where stuck in my own head (not a fun place to be) I took my own advice from my previous blog ‘Coping with Covid-19 and your mental health’ I wrote my list, I had a shower, popped on my big girl pants and headed off to the yard with my mini tripod, a bit of mascara and a good riding outfit in tow. I decided to have some fun creating some content for the blog and insta and enjoy an afternoon with my pony.

List written and the simple things ticked off.

Now some of you if you’ve followed me for a while know I used to have my picture taken quite regularly and this is when I was at the top of my confidence game, now of course this confidence got completely trashed by a vile human being we don’t discuss but I needed to get that back, no more miss awkward Leah.
Setting up my little ‘photoshoot’ was a little difficult, my little tripod is exactly that, little. If I stood that up by itself it would be at the exact right height to show off all my chins so after watching Martha Lilly Photography’s insta TV I decided I needed to have height, bring in the wheelbarrow of dreams with a blue mounting block sat in it and the tripod on top, a balancing act of PERFECTION!

Self timer was my method of choice, although I like the video idea when I’ve used it in the past the quality has been a little lower than I like but it does help when you have a fidgety bottomed thoroughbred who isn’t the keenest to stand still on the yard, he’s busy, he’s got things to do, not just stand around posing but when he does comply he is FIRE, I struggle to keep up with him. I was clad in Honest riders and Ariat from head to toe and had my pose on.

I don’t know who I thought I was but I was actually really happy with the results, now this sound vain but for the first time in a long time I liked pictures of myself, it helps that the Honest Riders vest with the BEST slogan is so flattering, Honest Riders are a company with great clothing, great slogans and all the sustainability you could wish for. Well the boots, they speak for themselves. All dressed up with nowhere to go off we went hacking around the Berkshire countryside and if i’m honest it was deflating, the hacking around here is basic at best, it has nothing on the hills of Somerset that I am longing to get back to, Cols should be heading there for our summer and I just can’t wait to get back to those views, hills, canters, hours of endless beauty up there, not a crappy path trying to be a bridleway in sight. Nether the less time with my pony is not to be sniffed at in the current climate, we even managed snacks together. The great outdoors and horses definitely are my sanity right now, even if its not perfect all of the time.
Saying that, I Leah Grange URGE you all to get outside, use your environment, use self timer and get pictures that will remind you of ‘That time you survived a world pandemic’ forever.

Love always LG and Cols ❤️