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Coping with Covid -19 and your mental health

April 22nd, 2020 by Leah Grange
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Hi everyone, well firstly, its been a while. I must apologise for abandoning my little blog for a while, if you read my last post then you will know that was a difficult time for me and then I’ve been caught up in the whole covid-19 lockdown situation. Now if I’m honest the first three weeks was difficult at best, if you follow my socials you will know that I’m not seeing my boyfriend and I’m living alone which has had its positives as well as negatives, so I thought I would give you all a few hints and tips on how to survive this thing because three weeks in I have settled into a little rhythm and I’ve managed to get myself out of some really low days so far which makes me a little pleased with myself so here’s a few tips that I have found help have helped me.

Turn off Social Media
Okay so bare with me on this one, but as much as social media is a great contact to the outside world and I actually love all the little chats and friends I have made through this platform but in this weird time I have found myself jealous of others which I have near felt before. I am living alone in lockdown so when I’m not at work I only have the horse to do which I understand is more than some people. A few weekends ago every one who were locking down with loved ones, family, friends were having barbeques and lovely nights in together and I just couldn’t deal with it, I had to stop looking, I wanted to be doing that with my boyfriend and it made me sad. So turn that stuff off.

Self Care
Take some time for you, have a long bath, get some skin care, paint your nails whatever makes you feel a little happier in yourself. I got some skincare as a recommendation from Alex @misswilsonsworld and instantly I felt like I was a beauty queen, I mean I barely moisturised before. It’s given me a new routine to focus on and that’s what its all about, distraction techniques.

Ordinary Care Skin Care and Sporting Hares socks.

Write a list
Now this may seem like a stupid one, I can hear you saying “theres nothing to do Leah” but I mean a list of every single little thing. When depression or anxiety hits me I sometimes have days where I can barely get out of bed and if i get out of bed I then struggle to get myself out of the house, so here comes my lists. My lists have everything on and some days look a little bit like this;
* Get up
* Brush Teeth
* Have Breakfast
* Food Shop
* Bath
* Ride
You get the gist, it has even the tiniest things like brushing your teeth on it, you do the task tick it off and it gives you the sense that you are achieving things ad a ticked list gets you through the day.

Take advantage of your daily exercise
Even if this is a walk to your local shop for more snacks then do it, it will make you feel so much better, there are tonnes of free workouts on YouTube to do at home and P.E with Joe every weekday. If you’re lucky enough to have horses you can still see and ride then annoy them by giving them their 10th bath in two weeks. also listen to your body, if you’ve over done it then take a rest day, you don’t have to be out running every day to be “smashing lockdown”.

Keep talking, phone your friends, FaceTime your boyfriend for the 20th time today, do a drawing, colour in a unicorn, eat all the food in the house and try and use this time to re evaluate, I will be changing things in my life for the better after this lockdown is over for sure. My DM’s are always open to anyone who wants to chat so please don’t be afraid to reach out.

Love LG and Colin x

2 replies on “Coping with Covid -19 and your mental health”

Alex Wilson says:

As always you have such good advice Leah ❤️ I’ve loved our chats and I’m so glad you love the skin care 💃

Leah Grange says:

Oh thank you so much 🙂 honestly you have transformed my life, I love my little routine.